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EDUTOP Courses List 课程列表


English is an independently developed and tailored literacy, language and literature program for students from pre-school to VCE level. It aligns with the Australian Curriculum. Core course content is based around skills required for National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), scholarship exams and VCE EAL/English tests. The aim of this program is to develop students’ learning styles, critical thinking, problem solving and other lifelong skills through various up-to-date and achievable in-class and take-home activities.

Categories: EP0-EP2 (for Prep-Year 2 students); EP3-EP6 (for Year 2-Year 6 students); AEP1-VCE EAL (Year 7- Year 12 students)

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Advanced Elite Program is a five-level course (Foundation to AEP4), designed for secondary students and possibly high-achieving Year 6s. Closely aligned with requirements of the Australian Curriculum, this program enhances students’ Language, Literacy and Literature levels. These three interrelated strands form an integrating framework of knowledge, understanding and skills of the English language. As one of the most in-demand programs of EDUTOP, AEP prepares our students for the more advanced learnings in secondary school and eventually towards the excellence of SACs and VCE exams.

Categories: EMF-EM10 (for students from Prep to Year 10) VCE Maths (for students from Year 11- Year 12)

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NAPLAN Preparation Course is developed to help students who are in Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 to prepare for their NAPLAN (National Assessment Program-Literacy and Numeracy) exams in a supportive, friendly and engaging learning environment. It incorporates essential skills in every tutoring session that will be tested for in NAPLAN. English class includes Reading Comprehension, Language Conventions and Writing, and Math class includes concepts, strategies and problem-solving. The aim of this course is to build students’ confidence and help them to achieve desired academic results in NAPLAN exam.

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Scholarship & Selective Entry

Scholarship Course is specially designed to help students with scholarship tests, including Edutest, Acer and AAS. The course improves students’ skills in four key areas (English, Mathematics, General Ability and Written Expression), which are the focus of all the scholarships tests conducted by private schools. Teachers assigned to the course are all very experienced and have successfully assisted students in gaining the scholarship, ensuring efficiency in preparation and thus reducing students’ stress.

SEAL Program Preparation Course follows a structured design that incorporates teaching and learning in English, Mathematics, General Ability and Reasoning. The course ensures students’ academic performance across these four disciplines through not only training of the skills required by the tests, including time management and problem-solving skills, but also through strategic planning of their learning course from an early stage and implementation of teaching strategies according to their learning pace.

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Holiday Courses

There are a range of holiday courses we provide, including Writing, Reading Club, Word Problems in Maths and Vocabulary Course.

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Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) is a set of curriculum courses that Edutop have developed based on requirements of Australian elite private schools and characteristics of Chinese children. The main purpose of the course is to provide comprehensive assistance for English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Through Edutop’s effective teaching assistance, children will enhance their English, numeracy and responding skills, and to gain desirable academic result. Throughout the AEAS course, children’s responding, English thinking and autonomous learning ability will be significantly improved. It enables children not only to pass the exam but also to gain capability in handling with Western teaching style afterwards. 

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