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Main Courses 主要课程

About Us 关于我们

Why Choose Us 为什么选择我们

Online/Offline Classrooms 线上线下课程

Interactive online/offline courses; most innovated and up-to-date learning experience 线上\实体课实时互动

Small Group Classes Only 精品小班课程

Around 6 students in one class; Individual attention and differentiated teaching 6人小班 关注每位学生的需求

Free one-to-one sessions 赠送一对一课后辅导

Free one-to-one sessions to support students' learning 免费一对一课后辅导,查缺补漏

Comprehensive parents support 完善课后服务

Professional support team help you 7 days a week 专业课后服务团队,帮您了解孩子学习的方方面面。

Happy Students

What People Say About Us

Under the careful and tailored guidance of the teachers from EDUTOP, Sam has made great progress recently, and his English has been greatly improved. This further gives him more confidence in study. We are so happy to see his changes. Appreciate your help, EDUTOP. Will recommend to other parents.


Sam Li

My daughter could never get the scholarship without the help from EDUTOP. She’s been studying with EDUTOP for more than 2 years now, and she has become more confident and self-disciplined. Thanks to the support, she remains one of the top students in her school. My daughter is a great reader, but she needs help to demonstrate her skills, which she’s receiving abundantly from EDUTOP.


Grace Chen

My child used to be nervous with tests. But he passed the first very important exam in his life because he followed what the teacher from EDUTOP said to him, “As long as you work hard enough, keep calm and perform normally during the exam, the result will not disappoint you”. I’m grateful that my son was learning with a very experienced and responsible teacher from EDUTOP.


Oliver Liu


Cathy Wong



C. W.

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提到NAPLAN,相信很多家长都不陌生了。它分为英文和数学两个部分。今天就带大家来深入了解一下Naplan中的数学部分。 NAPLAN数学部分的考试,又被成为称为Numeracy。翻译过来是“计算能力”“识数”,“数学”,那它到底指什么? National

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NAPLAN写作考试中经常考到的文体有议论文(persuasive writing)和记叙文(narrative writing)。以下就跟大家一起分享一下记叙文写作的写法及如何获得高分。

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如何提高NAPLAN写作? 在NAPLAN考试的所有考试科目中,最难达到全国前5%水平的无疑就是写作考试了。考到这个水平确实不是一件容易的事情。前5%的成绩是进入精英班、精英学校以及一些顶尖私校的敲门砖。 想达到目标水平,需要我们掌握方法并练习,下面我们来具体了解一下写作考试的内容,以及我们应该做到哪些方面。

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NAPLAN,全称为National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy。它不仅限于维多利亚州,是全澳范围内所有学校的3、5、7、9年级学生都必须参加的全国性统一考试。 考试内容主要包括四个方面: Reading阅读

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